About Us

MetaLinks - the group of professionals who has been in the field of information technology for the past decade founded a company with aboriginal qualities in IT sector.

MetaLinks, which has consistent and proven track record of its excellent workmanship in executing projects like
1. Pharma Pulse (Comprehensive solution for C&F, Super stockiest and Distributors)
Which were implemented throughout INDIA.
Apart from application development MetaLinks is also is in the field of Inter/Intra net applications.

Thus MetaLinks - A company with aboriginal qualities in IT sector, proudly introducing Hospital
Management Software, which removes drudgery in Stock handling and Inventory Control system.

Pharma Pulse by Metalinks, full fills all sorts of requirements like inventory, accounting and analysis
Based on various parameters. Its strength lies in accounting, which is overlooked by other software vendors.
Accounting has excellent integration with inventory and other modules. Our AUTOBACKUP tool will take
Data backup at regular intervals by eliminating the data backup manually. Auto Invoice Recovery tool recovers
The lost invoice due to power failures. Using our Automated-reporting tool, the customer can generate as
Many reports as he wants. This piece of paper is not enough to explore the features of Pharma Pulse .