• It provides Easy and fast billing. 100 % discount locking canbe done.
  • Item wise profit/Loss indication is provided. It provides red color indication for products going in loss.You can lock particular companies or products for a customer.
  • You can ccept Expiry/Damage/Breakage in sale it self.Customer's pending orders will be displayed when billing to him. 100% accurate profit calculation willbe done.
  • Auto Net rate calculation will be done if scheme ratio is provided You can View customer frequently purchased items at click of a button.
  • You can Find substitutes for products. Multi series billing canbe done.
  • You can Bill on different prices in single invoice (cost, sale etc.)
Inventory (Purchase)
  • Enter purchase as per supplier invoice (Ex: converts box to Strip or Strip to Box like so..)
  • It will remind you with incomlpeted purchase invoice of selected supplier.
  • Many formulas have been provided to caliculate accurate costprice and invoice value.
  • Markup caliculation is provided to calculate saleprice. It will remind you if costprice of product changes.
  • Easy to use accounting as Tally. A lay man with any accounting knowledge can make all types of voucher entries.
  • All financial statements raging from Day Book,Trail Balance,Ledgers,P & L Account and Balance sheet can be taken.
  • A tool has been provided to handle postdated and bounced cheques.
  • A very easy to use tool has been provided to reconcile bank statement.
  • Zooming facility has been given from trail balance up to voucher level.
Order Management
  • Sum of each product's pending orders will be displayed while ordering.
  • Scheme ratio and last purchased quantity will be shown for each of the product.
  • You can open number of windows. You view last given order. You can save orders.
  • Which will reduce the drudgery in handling the expiry, damage and breakages.
  • Pharma Pulse is fenced with new kind of security algorithm, which can't be cracked
  • Multi Companies.
  • Sending reports through Fax.
  • Network Printing (with in the network any system to any printer ).
  • Customer and Rep Memory baskets.
  • Meta Scan : which produces the overall performance of the customer

And other features like auto order, reminders, discount locking, loss alarm, dispatch register,8 lines message printing on invoice, Spy reports and many more…