Little about Pharmapulse

Pharma Pulse by Metalinks, full fills all sorts of requirements like inventory, accounting and analysis based on various parameters. Its strength lies in accounting, which is overlooked by other software vendors. Accounting has excellent integration with inventory and other modules. Our AUTOBACKUP tool will take Data backup at regular intervals by eliminating the data backup manually. Auto Invoice Recovery tool recovers the lost invoice due to power failures. Using our Automated-reporting tool, the customer can generate as many reports as he wants. Profit margin raising techniques adopted. Displays top end products, customers, reps, companies giving highest profit margin. Spy reports giving complete controls and check over the performance of reps, customers and products, last minute recovery, billing on different pricing and 100% VAT compatible.

Purchase order, Sales orders processing, DC to Invoice conversion, bill wise payment/receipt, complete accounts support with Bank reconciliation statement. Provision to handle received cheques sent to bank and bounced cheques. User friendly, easy to implement,100 % user level security giving total command over your business. Regular developments to keep pace with the dynamic business procedures Provision to export to Excel, E-mail or Fax add value to your business. Pharma Pulse has different versions, which suits different kinds of business operation like Distributors, Super Stockist, Stockist, Sub Stockist, Generic / Surgical Distributor. It is suitable to single System (Desktop Version), Multiple Systems (LAN Version).

Pharma Pulse Retail:
The Retail version of Pharma Pulse by Metalinks with all the features of Pharma Pulse and new features like user friendly reporting tool, importing purchases directly ( Instead of feeding), converting order to purchases and many moreā€¦